Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hello. My name bist Eumbryo. Eumbryo Foster. This is my blög.

I work in Brüxelles. In le mournings I go up at the early stage. I have my petit dejeuner and then I go to work in le parliament. It is a hard job. It is a tough work. It is not a work for les chickens. It is a work for Eumbryo.

First we have what we in Brüxelles call a morgonfika. We sit down and fikar. Then we go to the Euparliamenthalldiscussionchamberplace. There we discuss hard matters, such as: what is most nitrotrotuoturtous: le semla or le havreboll. I go for the kanelbullefat.

Then - after hours and hours of discussion - we have what we in Le Brüxelles call a fikapaus. We sit down and fikar. Some of us don't.

Then we decides about things and matters. No matter what. Don't ask me about what. It doesn't matter.

Then we have lunch. That is something else. It is called Eu-lunch down here in The Brüxelles.

After lunch we have what we here in Brüxelles call eftermatenfika.

After eftermatenfika we have what we here in Brüxelles call a tupplur, or powernap, or microsleep, or minutvila; as we say in Brüxelles: Kärt barn has a lot of names.

After that I have no idea of what we do. I am too tired to do anything. I often take my what we in Brüxelles call pick och pack and go to my hotelroom for a short break or what we in Brüxelles call time out. Or just an old fashioned fikapaus, encore. Or eftermiddagsslummer.

Then I watch television. Eu-television. We have Eu-Robinson. Eu-Idol. Eu-Vem vill bli miljonär. Eu-lottodragningen. Eu-eurovisionsschlagerfestivalen.

After that i take what we in Brüxelles calls a kvällsfika. After that I go to sleep. No. I don't walk in the sleep: I go to sleep. Good night.

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